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Fennel is a spice native to the South Europe and parts of Asia, this perennial plant is widely grown for its strong flavor. The flavor of the plant is somewhat similar to anise and is milder. This highly aromatic plant is used for both seeds and leaves.
Indian Name: Saunf
Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare
Family Name: Apiaceae
Parts Used: Seed, Leaves
Habitat: Southern Europe and South Western Asia

Forms of Natural Fennel Seeds
  • Whole Fennel seeds
  • Powdered Fennel Seeds

Trade in Natural Fennel Seeds
Global Scenario
India, China, Turkey and Egypt are the major fennel producing countries. Germany, Netherland, UK and USA are the major fennel importing countries. The international trade in the spice takes place in the dried whole seeds followed by the powdered form. Countries like France, Iran, Russia and India are growing fennel on a large scale primarily for its medicinal properties.

Indian Scenario
India produces high quality natural fennel seeds and consumes a significant portion of the total fennel production. The spice is used for both culinary use, flavoring and also as a mouth freshener. Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh are the major fennel producing states.

Uses of Fennel
Culinary Use
The plant is grown for its seeds and leaves and are used in flavoring food. It is also used as a mouth freshener.

Medicinal Use
The plant is used to relieve chills and stomaches. The essential extracted from the fennel spice is also used as a blend with other oils for curing diseases and relaxation of mind and body.

The essential oil is also used in certain personal hygiene products like soaps and perfumes.

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